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SoFplus all-in-one installer / auto updater - installs SoFplus and detects updates automatically for you
Demo crash fix - Create demo's automatically of every map you play without crashing
How to play demo files - Learn how where to locate, and how to play SoF1 demo .dm2 files
UAC3 Black Screenshot fix - 'Borderless' SoF1 window and script to change the xyz coordinates of the window
How to disable Phos - Disable alternate fire of the HMG using an SoFplus cvar
How to disable/replace Claymores - Remove claymores from the map, or replace them with something else e.g. C4's.

SoFplus Installer

spcl-update.exe v6

Map Mods using entities

Some map mods i created which change the map significantly, however, require the client to not donwload anything.

How to disable primary/alternate attack on any weapon

Edit these values found in your servers \user-sp14t11\sofplus-cvars.cfg file.
Alternate fire and primary fire of each weapon can be disabled using these SoFplus cvars. Simply set these to 1 instead of 0 to disable.

  • set _sp_sv_disable_alt_attack_1 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_alt_attack_10 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_alt_attack_11 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_alt_attack_12 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_alt_attack_8 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_alt_attack_9 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_primary_attack_1 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_primary_attack_2 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_primary_attack_3 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_primary_attack_4 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_primary_attack_5 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_primary_attack_6 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_primary_attack_7 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_primary_attack_8 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_primary_attack_9 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_primary_attack_10 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_primary_attack_11 0
  • set _sp_sv_disable_primary_attack_12 0
  1. Knife
  2. 9mm Pistol
  3. .44 Magnum
  4. Shotgun
  5. Sniper rifle
  6. Surpressed UZI
  7. SMG
  8. HMG
  9. Slug Thrower
  10. Rocket Launcher
  11. Flame Thrower
  12. Laser

How to disable Phos

Phos is the alternate fire of the hmg (8). So change the value like so:

Cvar Value
set _sp_sv_disable_alt_attack_8 1

How to change your starting weapon

Edit these values found in your servers \user-sp14t11\sofplus-cvars.cfg file.
The default starting weapon is the 9mm pistol, and is set using this SoFplus cvar.

Cvar Value
set _sp_sv_weapon_start 2

Please refer back to the complete weapon number list and you can make the starting weapon anything you want it to be.

For example, if you wanted players to spawn holding a shotgun you would set the starting weapon value to to 4 like so:

Cvar Value
set _sp_sv_weapon_start 4

Original source : _sp_sv_weapon_start

How to enable public rcon with limited commands

edit user-sp14t11\sofplus\sofplus_sv.cfg like so:

.rcon command
When enabled, authorised guids can execute a limited number of rcon command
.rcon <command> <parameter>

sp_sc_exec_file sofplus/script/scr/sp_sv_rcon.cfg
sp_sc_exec_cvar spf_sv_rcon_init

GUID list of allowed players (the last one must be empty)
_spf_sv_rcon_guid_1 "1a2b3y4z"
_spf_sv_rcon_guid_2 "abcdefgh"
_spf_sv_rcon_guid_3 "00000000" //<--We have added an 'empty' guid

Allowed rcon commands (the last one must be empty)
_spf_sv_rcon_command_1 "say"
_spf_sv_rcon_command_2 "map"
_spf_sv_rcon_command_3 "timelimit"
_spf_sv_rcon_command_4 "kick"
_spf_sv_rcon_command_5 "paused"
_spf_sv_rcon_command_6 "g_movescale"
_spf_sv_rcon_command_7 "spec"
_spf_sv_rcon_command_8 "play"

People dont need to know the real rcon now. and can kick whoever they want

How to disable claymores [SIMPLE]

Disable claymores from any map with 1 simple file

  1. Place rp-noclays.txt in the servers sofplus/sv/spawn/ directory. (Found inside
  2. Open the servers sofplus-cvars.cfg file and edit this line:

    set _sp_sv_spawn_replace_file "rp-noclays.txt"

Replace clays with c4 instead

To change claymores to c4 repeat the steps above, but use rp-claystoc4.txt and edit sofplus-cvars.cfg like this:

set _sp_sv_spawn_replace_file "rp-claystoc4.txt"

If you want to do fun things, check the other example .txt files in spawn, which come with your SoFplus server, e.g random weapons around the map.. replace ammo crates with armour/health.
Check rp-unchanged.txt, and you will now be able to anything with.. anything.



Black uac3 screen fix


The problem this fix solves

Users with Vista/Win 7 produce UAC3 screenshots like this:
Black screenshot
Which are not very useful to help detect any visual cheats/exploits. e.g. Wallhack

The old method of solving this problem can be seen below:
Old fix
Which forces players to use windowed mode, which is distracting and blocks part of the users screen, which most players found to be unacceptable


Patched ref_gl.dll which removes the distracting borders from SoF in windowed mode:
The screenshot fix
When desktop resolution is adjusted to the same resolution as SoF.exe it will look identical to fullscreen mode. (because it is).
This will allow UAC3 to take normal/visible screenshots from users who have Vista/Win 7.
A screenshot taken of a client using the borderless / patched ref_gl.dll and window.cfg shown below:
Patched SoF1 window

Download links

Patched ref_gl.dll


  1. Replace the existing ref_gl.dll in your sof folder with this one.
  2. Set desktop resolution the same as SoF.exe
  3. Right click taskbar > properties > taskbar > uncheck Keep taskbar on top of other windows (option removed in Windows 7, choose Auto-hide instead)
    Vista taskbar options
  4. Place window.cfg, in your base folder (check download links)
  5. Add "exec window.cfg" to your autoexec.
  6. Start UAC3 and click 'Start scanning'
  7. Start SoF.exe and exec window.cfg and join a server.



CheaterSkeeter : Idea + window.cfg
GaLLo : Patch
Ctrl : File verification + hosting + binary wait aliases
Community: Testing + Tips

Demo crash fix

Change log


Sof1 crashing soon after you type 'demo filename' due to an unknown error


Through trial and error i had discovered that most SoF crashes during the recording of a demo take place if the client has joined the map late or players have been in the server for a while.

So i set out to start the recording of a demo as soon as the client entered the game, and to do this i created a script using SoFplus that starts recording a demo as soon as you enter a server, which seems to prevent crashing.

I then went on to create an automated file naming system to store the demo's under a filename using the current time and date at which the recording began.


Record on

Windows 7 users - Demos not saving? Solution

Some Windows 7 users report that there demos are not being saved even though they are recording. A solution to this problem has been discovered and solved by Ctrl.
He writes:

Configuration files, logfiles, downloads, screenshots and recorded demos can't be written to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Raven\SOF PLATINUM\user\', so Windows will write them to 'C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Raven\SOF PLATINUM\user\' instead. Note that 'AppData' is a hidden directory.

And provides the solution Here



CheaterSkeeter: Idea and Script
CtrlAltDel: 'rec 1' 'rec 0' shortcut, also, Creator of SoFplus found here at and this Guide to make this possible

How to play demo files

.dm2 files can ONLY be played by SoF and not a media player so follow these steps below
Demos can be found in your \user\demos folder. Rename the file to something easy to remember e.g SkeeTeR:
Demo folder
type demomap <filename> in console: (not sensitive)
demomap in SoF1 console